It’s easy to withdraw a vial from frozen sperm storage with Legacy. Once you’ve coordinated with your doctor or fertility clinic, you can simply request a vial withdrawal from your client dashboard and we’ll get the process started.

Please note that sperm can only be delivered to a medical practice or provider — not to a residential address. The process of vial withdrawal takes around 2 weeks for domestic transfers and 3–4 weeks for international transfers.

Frozen sperm is shipped using cryo-shippers, portable liquid nitrogen semen storage tanks that maintain a temperature of -196ºC for the period necessary for transport.

If you’re a For Today or For Tomorrow client, the cost of withdrawing your frozen sperm sample and shipping it within the US is $250. International fees vary based on location, but can cost $3,000 or more.

If you’re a Forever client, you get one complimentary frozen sperm transfer to anywhere in the world.

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