Yes, for both.

If you are planning on using your sperm for IVF, you the number of motile sperm that are frozen is not particularly important. The most common technique, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), only requires one viable sperm to be identified and implanted into the egg. Men typically freeze hundreds of thousands (or more) of motile sperm.

If you are planning on using your sperm for IUI, motility is more important, meaning that a mail-in kit may not be the best option for you and/or may require more attempts to succeed. For this reason, either reach out to us about our 1-hour courier service (available in select cities), or consider producing and freezing multiple samples.

We have specialists on-staff who can answer any more specific questions you might have - you can reach out anytime. Even if you're not an existing client, you can set up a time to talk via this link.

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