✔️ Abstain from ejaculation for 2–5 days before collecting the sample

✔️ Refrigerate the transport media as soon as you receive it

✔️ Register your kit by scanning the QR code on your sample cup with your smartphone camera

✔️ Produce your sample Monday–Thursday

✔️ Ship your sample back to our lab the same day it was produced

✔️ Schedule pickup with your shipping carrier OR drop off at a participating location.


❌ Don’t throw away your Legacy kit or shipping box — you’ll need this later to return your sample!

❌ Don’t discard the enclosed return shipping label or red tamper-proof strip

❌ Don’t refrigerate your sample after it’s been produced

❌ Don’t return your sample without putting it back in the Legacy kit, or in any other packaging

❌ Don’t send your sample Friday–Sunday

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